Well, all things change with time. Unfortunately, “all things” includes the price of Netflix. Having had an unlimited streaming plan for $7.99 a month for as long as I can remember, I don’t think I’ve ever paid any other amount. And even though it’s not “free”, $7.99 a month still seemed like a heck of a deal that beat almost all of the other streaming competition. Unfortunately, for new users at least, Netflix has decided to up their monthly cost by a dollar.

I got an email last week from Netflix that told me they were increasing their price. Lucky for current users, though, they also said as a “thank you”, they wouldn’t be changing our monthly price for at least two years. While $1 isn’t a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, it’ll probably irritate a few people out there.

Netflix Increases Price For New Members


Why the price increase now? According to their email, it’s so they can continue to add good content in the form of more movies and TV shows. Are you a current Netflix subscriber? If not, are you likely to sign up now or look for something similar?

If you are a current subscriber, at least you have a little while before they’ll be talking an extra dollar from you every single month.

A caveat – according to Gizmodo, if you’re only interested in watching TV shows and movies in standard definition instead of high-definition, you can still pay $7.99 a month. Good news for some at least!

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SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/netflix-is-getting-1-more-expensive-for-new-members-1573934314