Apple has just released an update for OS X and iTunes yesterday.  The updates will make  necessary and needed changes to the OS. With this latest OS X update there is support for 4K monitors, which is an improvement on both the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro 15-inch. Contact syncing also receives a wired update and thereare also more reliable VPN connections via IPsec.  Also there are many in-depth tweaks that unless you are a serious Apple developer and you find sheer joy in tweaking your OS until it resembles something entirely different than a ‘normal’ Mac system, you will probable never encounter them.

OSX Update With Better Security & 4K Display Support

There is also an update to Safari, which comes along for the ride, bringing it to 7.0.3. This new version of Apple’s flagship browsing software improves push notification options, which allows you to turn off push notification prompts from specific websites. The update also fixes a bug, which could block receipt of push notifications from websites. Also more importantly the security of the OS gets a back-end update.  This is coupled with an update to sandboxing, which makes it stronger.

The iTunes update change log is centred around podcasts, where Apple notes an updated “Unplayed” tab. Now users will be able to quickly find unheard casts and then browse episodes that are available to download or stream through the “Feed” portal. The user can save their favourites to the computer, or you they could be auto-deleted after being listened to.

This latest update also improves the stability of iTunes and it fixes an issue whereby iTunes would become unresponsive when the Genius feature was activated.

The update is currently available, so head over to the Mac App Store for your update.  I downloaded and installed it last night and it only takes a few minutes to download and then install.

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[Image via idownloadblog]