At CES 2014 there was an overwhelmingly large number of new connected home gadgets and it seems that the trend is set to continue. There is such  a wide variety of products either already available or that are up-and-coming, so we’ve picked out some of the best ones for you to have a look at. Some of them are perhaps more useful than others but are amusing nonetheless. If you have a favourite smart home gadget, why not share it with us in the comments.

Golden Goose

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This nifty little kitchen gadget promises to give you eggs that are "rich and subtle" in taste in just 15 seconds. I have to admit that is by no means a kitchen necessity but really, can you ever have too many kitchen gadgets?! The Golden Goose uses centrifugal force to scramble eggs without breaking the shell. The hinged shell is where you place your egg and then snap it shut. It has nylon cords and ergonomic handles, which you use to start the egg spinning. This is a Kickstarter project that had an original goal of $34,500 but it smashed that and is currently on $127,570 at the time of writing. To receive your Golden Goose, you'll need to pledge $24, for which you will also get a recipe guide.