Samsung is about to enter another major new category: virtual reality headsets. It is rumoured by sources close to Samsung that a virtual reality headset is not only in the pipeline, but it is set to be announced later this year. But as usual, the official line from Korea is, “Samsung doesn’t comment on rumour and speculation.”

The release’s urgency is said to be because of wanting to beat Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus.  Some developers already have experimental versions of the headset, which, at least in development, is powered by Galaxy devices. The consumer model is rumoured to require the power of a next-generation device, no doubt the up and coming unannounced Galaxy series of devices.  Unlike the Galaxy Gear smart watch series, aparently Samsung’s in-house OS, Tizen, will not have anything to do with the VR headset.

samsung vr headset

The device is supposed to have an OLED screen, as good or better than in the second Rift dev kit.  There is no information on the connection process, but one would think it via a wire connection rather than wireless. Due to the fact that VR has a reliance on propinquity, a wired setup really is a requirement and any lag that does occur, ruins the experience for the user.

Apart from beating the competition to the market, Samsung is said to be targeting the device in a lower price bracket with its headset. Don’t expect anything too cheap! We are still talking about a VR headset here.  But, again no doubt to beat Oculus and Sony.

Obviously, this is a device that is meant for use on games by hardcore gamers. But what type of Android games?  As you may know, not all games directly transfer into a VR environment with ease. They look great on paper, but just don’t come across well.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

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[Image via vr-zone]