The expressions “to wear your heart on your sleeve” and “it’s what you are on the inside that counts” are popular ways of telling people to not be afraid of revealing who they truly are and that looks aren’t everything. However it seems that the Australian online fashion label Black Milk Clothing has taken this idea to the extreme and produced a swimsuit that literally reveals what you are on the inside. The item has been named “Dem Guts Swimsuit” and features a tag line of  “Show ’em all that yeah, you’ve got guts”. I’d rather not thanks as personally I think it’s hideous but clearly not everyone agrees with me – the swimsuit has sold out of every size except ‘Long Torso Extra Small’, so if that’s your size I’d be quick if I was you!


Show 'em all that yeah, you've got guts!

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[Images via Black Milk Clothing]