The majority of fitness trackers available, which help to monitor your pulse and gather data about your health, require you to move around a bit.  I think that’s how the device works out if you are a couch potato or not?

The Darma smart cushion is a way better device for monitoring your health as you only have to sit on it!  The device utilizes thin 1mm sensors, which can detect even the most minuscule body movements.  The Darma cushion will gather data about your heart rate, respiratory patterns and even your sitting posture to an accompanying iOS app via Bluetooth 4.0.

Smart Cushion For Better Backcare


Dr. Junhao Hu, one of Darma’s creators, explained at a recent HAXLR8R event, the idea behind the Darma cushion is that sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health; it leads to poor posture and it causes back problems. In addition to this working in an office environment may lead to high stress levels. Using the Darma cushion in conjunction with the application, however, will hopefully alleviate those issues.

Once the app has collected your data, it will determine your overall stress levels and will then recommend certain activities based on what it detects.  Although the Darma app is only available on iOS currently, the team plans on releasing an Android app in the future.

Whilst the Darma cushion is still in the early stages, Dr. Hu said it hopefully will be ready to launch on Kickstarter some time in the next few month or so, with the final product shipping later this year. The final retail price of the cushion will be $249, but Kickstarter early birds can pick it up for only $149.

Smart Cushion For Better Backcare

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[Images via tjournal & comparemymobile]