It turns out folks on the Sprint network in certain areas are dealing with clogged up data networks thanks to some users who consume a heck of a lot of mobile data. In fact, this is becoming such a big problem for Sprint that they are taking some drastic measures to try to remedy the situation. They recently sent out text messages to their smartphone users stating that they were going to start slowing down data speeds for those individuals who use a ton of data every month. Just how much data isn’t exactly clear, but it’s most likely for anyone who regularly uses over 5 GB a month. (They’ve stated that the speed throttling will affect whoever is in the top 5% of data users).

So, even though they offer unlimited data plans, the “unlimited” part doesn’t come without its limitations.

Sprint To Begin Slowing Down Speeds Of Data Users

You’d Better Slow It Down Before Sprint Slows It Down For You

If you think you might find yourself in the top 5% of mobile data users and don’t want your data slowed down, I’d encourage you to connect to a Wi-Fi network whenever a safe one is available, as data isn’t measured when you’re on Wi-Fi.

Sprint also hasn’t revealed how much of a slow-down their users will face, only that it will be slower than the usual speeds they’re used to getting. And, since this will be done on a monthly basis, just because a person winds up on the list one month, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be on it the next. It’s also unclear how long Sprint will have to resort to this tactic, though they’ve stated it will start next month.

How do you feel about this move by Sprint? Do you still consider their plan “unlimited” even if they slow you down once you reach a certain amount of data? Let us hear your thoughts below!

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