The Tesco Hudl is a great, budget tablet.  I’m not just saying that, I actually own one myself and for a budget piece of kit, it is a solid build, has a great screen and basically it does the job nicely.  Thety are not content with the sale of 550,000 units of their initial break into the tablet market with the Hudl though. The Supermarket giant wants to increase their hold on that end of the market and so they are releasing Hudl 2 in September of this year.

Tesco’s chief executive, Philip Clarke, told BBC Radio 5 live the second iteration of Tesco’s successful budget-Android tablet, would be released this coming September.  The follow-up to the Hudl is expected to be likewise a successful product.  A low price and Tesco’s products and services such as its Blinkbox video and music services, as well as Tesco Direct and the company’s online grocery shopping have all contributed to the Hudl being a success.  Let’s hope the Hudl 2 is going change the game up a bit and provide the public with a better quality camera etc.


Tesco is also going to launch its own Android smartphone, by the end of 2014, to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S5.  The device will come with Tesco services pre-installed (naturally) and will run the Android OS.  This new smartphone will be designed to compete with high quality smartphones.  Clarke said the phone would be aggressively priced, thereby putting it in competition with Google’s Nexus 5, which also undercuts the competition approximately £200 less than other premium Android smartphones.

Tesco is also planning to launch a smartphone-based banking service in the foreseeable future.  It is speculated that the new Hudl and the company’s new smartphone will likely use the service as a main feature.

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[Image via huffingtonpost]