After reading our guide to Arduino and Raspberry Pi, you may have decided that Arduino is the way forward for you. If that is the case then here are some project ideas to get you started. We’d love to hear from you if you have already done your own project and would appreciate some photos of your creations too!

Simple Robot

To get you started, this simple little robot is a great first project. Although it’s quick and simple to create, you can still program it to do some cool stuff. You can program it so that while whizzing around on its two wheels, it avoids any obstacles. What’s nice about the step-by-step guide is that it is just a basis and gives you the freedom to go mad on creativity should you wish.

Arduino Robot

Tweet-A-Pot Coffee Maker

Tweet a pot coffee maker

With only four hardware components and eight build steps, the Tweet-a-pot coffee maker is a guaranteed way to impress everyone. Just send a tweet to your coffee maker and you can arrive home to a freshly made coffee.

Garage Door Opener

Garage door opener

This great little project will save you from ever having to get out of your car to open the garage door. Once Arduino is connected to a wireless network, you can use your smartphone to connect to the webserver, enter a password and then activate the garage door. For a full step-by-step guide, just follow this link. 

Arduino Remote Controlled Lawnmower

RC Lawnmower

Sick of mowing the grass? This RC lawnmower will make it a breeze. This guide to creating a remote control interface can be applied to many projects but if it’s a lawnmower you want, then check out the guide.

Cat Feeder – Made By A 10 Year Old!

Zeverino cat feeder

Ok so 10-year old Ella Smith did have a little help from her dad but I think it’s fantastic that such a young person is taking an interest in programming. She combined her love of animals, with her love of ‘tinkering’ and created Zeverino, an Arduino-powered cat feeder. The Zevrino consists of an Arduino Uno, Arduino motor controller, DS1307 real-time clock with battery backup, a toggle switch, 2 low-speed motors, and 2 Zevro dry food dispensers.

In the words of Ella: “don’t be afraid to try new things!”