When I’m on holiday, one of my pet hates is when someone doesn’t make any effort to speak or converse in the native language. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen and heard people talking slowly and loudly to some poor waiter who still has no idea what they are saying. So seeing as the holiday season is fast approaching, why not get yourself a translation app. I’ve picked out three apps, which will help all of us get to grips with the basics of any language and make ourselves understood. And of course make the lives of all waiters far easier!

Google Translate

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Google Translate can decipher 80 languages and allows you to speak, write or type your query. The Favourites section means you can save common phrases that you may need regularly, a really handy feature if you are planning on spending any length of time in a foreign country. This app is renowned for being one of the best apps for handwritten languages like Chinese or Japanese.

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