Recently we here at TechBeat News have covered an array of news stories surrounding the defence department and the military.  There have been numerous advances in weaponry, stealth motorcycles and robot personnel.  The smart battle suit is also an example of how the military is using cutting edge technology to fit their needs and requirements.

With the smart battle suit looking like something out of a video game, it is starting to look like the battle soldiers of tomorrow could fight anywhere. The Army’s latest helmet concept has been specifically designed with chemical-biological protection in mind.  The design incorporates a respirator, which keeps the air clean and at a cooler temperature, a bit like a mini air conditioner.

A/C Helmet

Are smart battle suits straight out of Halo?

The helmet also looks like the Army has taken the design straight for the popular Halo series of video games.  The new design however is all about functionality. Respirators are specifically designed for helping soldiers avoid breathing poison gas.  Up until now however, the actual units were bulky and heavy.

The technology that has been built into this helmet weighs less and also uses less power.  The unit works by a hose connects a blower unit and battery to the mask.  This then keeps a steady stream of cool air on the users face.

The design is not complete, by any stretch of the imagination and they are still perfecting this design. Ideally, they would like to design and construct a helmet with a responsive respirator, which is only turned on when it needs to be. The helmet will also carry similar designs that are in previous concepts such as a heads-up display with targeting, GPS mapping and  video communications.

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[Image via timawa]