The way we interact with technology is ever changing.  We look at our smartphone more that we should do, no doubt?  The Internet of Things is increasing exponentially and not to be left out of the game, companies such as Nike and Adidas have introduced sensors into their clothing line. Why should they stop there?  What about other aspects of sports?

A while ago I covered some news regarding a Smart Basketball.  I was wondering how long it would take for a Smart Football to arise on the market. I guess I didn’t have to wait too long as Adidas has recently announced the miCoach Smart Ball.

Smart Ball

The miCoach Smart Ball is a soccer ball, which has multiple sensors inbuilt.  The sensors will relay information and data about how the ball was kicked, how hard it was kicked and the technique used.  The information is sent to a smartphone app. This is all designed to help soccer players improve on their game. The application can also display information such as the amount of spin and trajectory of the kicked ball.  The ball itself has also been designed to assist players with their precision, which goes without saying is essential for shooting, long passes, penalties, free-kicks, corner and goal kicks. In fact pretty much all the football skills are covered.  The app also will have tutorials and tests, which help the player improve their game by challenging them to complete different tasks.

Adidas has launched the miCoach Smart Ball in both the US and Europe where it is retailing for around $299 via Adidas’ website.  Or you can head on down to an Adidas store yourself and check it out.  I would imagine to get a hands on feel for this product would help before you hand over $299.

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[Image via sbnation]