Are you a morning person or do you hit the snooze button repeatedly as you bury your head under the pillow? Either way we all need something to get us going in the morning so why not try these apps, which will go a long way in eradicating even the Monday morning blues!

Alarm Clock Extreme

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There is nothing worse than being woken up suddenly by the loud shrill of an alarm clock but you won't be subjected to that with Alarm Clock Extreme as the volume can be set to increase slowly, waking you up slowly and a bit more gently. I'm a serial "snooze button hitter" but this app will deter you from having those extra 10 minutes that actually turn into 40 minutes. The large snooze button will ask you to solve a math problem before you can dismiss or snooze the alarm, that's enough to put anyone off having a sneaky lie in. If you don't want to go cold turkey on snoozing then wean yourself off gradually by setting a maximum number of snoozes.

Tell us what apps you use to get you through the morning.