I remember watching E.T. several times when I was a kid, but besides the way he looked, I don’t really remember all that much about the movie. Oh, I remember him eating Reese’s Pieces, touching Drew Barrymore’s finger, and riding/flying the bike, but that’s really about all I can remember. I can’t remember how he came to earth in the first place, and I can’t remember what he was even doing on our planet. As I said, though, I do remember what the alien looked like – and I don’t remember being afraid of him on the screen. That’s probably because his first designs received a bit of an upgrade and makeover.

Rick Baker worked with Steven Spielberg on his movie The Night Skies, (a sequel to Close Encounters of the Third Kind) and the images of an alien that follow were actually designs he made for that movie, but as Baker notes on Twitter, that alien could be E.T.’s father. So, the following images could’ve been what E.T. would’ve originally looked like had the designs been used. When The Night Skies fell apart, it’s clear to see that Spielberg took some inspiration from the original drawings for E.T.

E.T.'s Original Look Would've Freaked Your Kids Out

Now that above image is a bit creepier than I remember E.T. being. I have a hard time imagining that alien to be friendly at all. Had they used that design in the finished movie, many kids probably would’ve had nightmares and maybe even afraid to look at the screen.

E.T.'s Original Look Would've Freaked Your Kids Out

If you didn’t think the first picture was creepy, you might be having second thoughts about the above photo. Something tells me the photo on the right wouldn’t have been as appealing to small children.

So, there you have it – E.T. before he was E.T.

What do you think?

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SOURCE: http://sploid.gizmodo.com/the-original-e-t-would-have-scarred-every-kids-brain-f-1583008048