It doesn’t seem like a week goes by that I don’t see various lost pet posters lining telephone polls throughout my neighborhood. Sometimes it’ll be lost cats, while other times it’ll be lost dogs whose frantic owners are searching for them. It’s obviously a scary occurrence when a pet goes missing, but there’s only so much a person can do, right? They can make posters, of course, and they can contact their neighbors and ask them to keep a lookout for their pet, but that’s about it besides throwing up a prayer that the lost pet will find its way home safely, right? Wrong.

Thanks to a new and pretty ingenious app, finding a missing pet has gotten a lot simpler. Philip Rooyakkers was frustrated at how difficult it was to find missing pets in today’s technological age. So what did he do? He created an app, of course, that helps to find lost pets. He named it Positive Identification of Pet (or, PiP for short), and it sounds pretty neat. Using facial recognition technology, its database stores all kinds of information about your pets in the event they go missing.

Facial Recognition App Helps Lost Pets Get Back To Owners

Once a user has downloaded the app, they’ll need to register with the PiP service, which costs $18 a year. Once they’ve registered and a pet does happen to go missing, PiP will send specific pet info to all of the animal shelters and veterinary offices within 15 miles of where the pet was last seen.

Even though the PiP app has only been around since February of 2014, there are already several success stories of pet owners getting reunited with their once lost pets. What a great use for facial recognition! Who would’ve thought we’d end up using it on our pets?

I think this sounds like a great app. What do you think? Let us know your comments regarding this story in the comments section below.

[Image via MyFoxDC]