Techbeat has recently reported about X-Men enthusiast and inventor Colin Furze, who has somehow figured out how to create real-working Wolverine claws, as well as magnetic boots reminiscent of Magneto himself. Well, it turns out Mr. Furze isn’t content to just let his past successes carry him into the future, as he has successfully decided to transform himself into another X-Men character.

This time around, Furze decided to turn up the heat a little and figured out a way to turn himself into Pyro – that mutant who is able to shoot flames out from his body. One can only wonder if Furze is intent on becoming each member of the X-Men. I have to admit, it’d be pretty awesome if he figured out a way to become Cyclops.

Furze Recreates Pyro From X-Men


As usual, Furze documented his whole transformation experience in a Youtube video. Of all his videos, this one seems the most dangerous, as he straps on a gas canister and creates wrist controls which shoot flames out using a pilot light and propane. The flames are pretty impressive, too – going about 12 feet into the air – worthy of Pyro himself, maybe. Check out the video below.

Part of me thinks Furze is so popular right now because he’s doing what all of us wish we could be doing – turning ourselves into our heroes! But, since not very many of us probably have that much time on our hands, we’ll have to be contented with Furze’s efforts. He’s been successful with Wolverine, Magneto, and now Pyro – who will he seek to become next? Anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

What do you think?

[Image via YouTube]