If you’re anything like me, you absolutely love the Back to the Future movies. What’s not to love about an eccentric professor who has an awesome car that’s able to travel through time? Besides the car, the movie also introduced us to the concepts of power-lace shoes and hoverboards. Be honest – who reading this hasn’t wanted a hoverboard at one time or another throughout their lifetime?

Even though the classic Back to the Future movies came out in the 80’s, they still remain incredibly popular today. They remain so popular in fact, that a group called Secret Cinema is all set to completely recreate the movie’s hometown of Hill Valley. And the “secret” part of Secret Cinema is no joke – no one knows where exactly this will happen – just that it will happen somewhere in London.

You'll Soon Be Able To Go Back To The Future!

Get Ready To Go Back To The Future…Again!

Secret Cinema exists to fully transform environments so you and I can watch classic movies in a once in a lifetime experience. The Back to the Future event will happen this summer, and it sounds amazing. Participants will get into a Delorean, hit 88 MPH, and then find themselves in the 1955 version of Hill Valley.

You'll Soon Be Able To Go Back To The Future!


The same Delorean will also transport them to 1985 where we can only hope the 3-D Jaws will make an appearance. (And you know hoverboards will have to be there as well). I’m told there’s also going to be some kind of a secret path that will take you to the year 2015 which should be interesting. As I said though, no one has any idea where this event will take place – but that’s all part of the excitement, I guess. If you live in or around London, be sure and check out this event later this summer. you probably won’t regret it!

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SOURCE: http://paleofuture.gizmodo.com/this-secret-movie-screening-will-actually-send-you-back-1585954051/+ericlimer