Google Glass seems to be able to generate a wide array of reactions from those who have the chance to use one. In their latest YouTube video, the Fine Bros set out to discover what the elderly generation think of the controversial smart glasses.

In the video you’ll see the Fine Bros asking the participants to put on and switch on Google Glass, before getting them to use certain commands in order to carry out basic tasks using the device. The commands didn’t always have the desired outcome though, with one gentleman ending up on a porn site! One lady remarked how it looked like her hearing aid, while another said “It’s pretty cool – I don’t like it though!”

As with most things, the older wiser generation thought of the practical side of things. One participant remarked that Google Glass would be “a pain in the ass to use on the street” and another said you could easily have an accident if you stepped out into the road whilst distracted by the smart glasses!

At the end they all give their verdict on whether they would buy one – would you?