I might as well admit it – even though I use an iPhone, I am pretty impressed with Google Now. Every few weeks it seems the service is updated to allow another awesome feature. I thought it keeping track of all of your favorite sports team’s scores was pretty impressive, but it can identify music, recommend places to you, remind you of your parking spot, remind you of all of your various appointments throughout the day – heck, it can even call and/or text people for you. What’s not to love about it? And now, it’s even better, especially if you find yourself riding the bus or subway frequently.

As someone who had to depend on public transportation early in the morning for a few months, I know how hard it is to sometimes stay awake until you reach your stop. You want to catch a few minutes of sleep, but then you’re afraid you might miss your stop and be late to wherever you’re going. As a result of that anxiety, I never trusted myself to fall asleep on the bus. But now, thanks to a new update from Google Now, you and I have nothing to worry about, because it will set off an alarm when you’re close to your stop.

Google Now Wakes You Up At Your Bus Stop

This is probably one of Google Now’s most impressive features, at least to me. Bus and subway rides will be a whole lot smoother if you can rest easy knowing you’ll wake in plenty of time to get off at your correct stop. And, those few extra minutes might just help you to have a much better day than you otherwise would’ve.

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[Image via ignant]

SOURCE: http://www.engadget.com/2014/06/08/google-now-mass-transit-alarm/