You can’t seem to go anywhere online without seeing something regarding the upcoming iPhone 6 – it’s all anyone seems to want to talk and/or speculate about. Since (and even before) the release of the iPhone 5/5s, rumors have abounded that Apple wasn’t too far away from finally increasing the size of their flagship phone. And even though they did increase the size with the iPhone 5, many users speculated they’d make it even bigger in the future.

Well, it seems as if those persistent rumors have some truth to them, if recent leaked photos have anything to say about it. The photos come from a person who goes by the name Sonny Dickson, who is the same person responsible for leaking actual photos of the iPhone 5c before it was released to the world. I’ve seen lots of photos of the supposed iPhone 6, and honestly, these are the first that seem to have any real merit to them. The images show 2 different models of the iPhone 6 – a 4.7 inch model, and a 5.5 inch model. Have a look below and see the photos for yourself.

iPhone 6 To Reportedly Offer 2 Bigger Sizes

When Dickson released the photos, he also told a writer from Forbes that other images which had been “leaked” by others were all fake, and that his images were of the real thing.

It is still unknown when the iPhone 6 will be released or what the exact technical specifications will be once it is released. But the above images can whet your appetite for now. A bigger screen(s) for the iPhone would definitely help it continue to compete with one of its main rivals – the Galaxy S5.

What do you think? Do you think the photos are legitimate? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Image via Forbes]