I’ve had a lot of things happen to my smartphones over the years, but I’ve thankfully never had one stolen from me. (Knock on wood). Having known several people who have had the misfortune of having their phone(s) stolen, I know it’s quite the headache to try and retrieve your stolen property. In the experiences of my friends, the police weren’t able to devote much time to finding the phones, and even though they placed signs around their neighborhoods, they had absolutely no luck in ever getting their phones back. They had no idea who took it, what the person looked like, or where he or she might have taken it. But now, thanks to an app from Lookout Mobile Security, finding the thief who took your phone might be just a tad easier.

Lookout has released an app that continuously monitors your smartphone for any kind of behavior it deems suspicious, such as sim card removal, changing the security settings, mistyping your password, switching over to airplane mode, etc. If and when it detects any of those suspicious activities, it automatically takes a picture of the person using the phone, records their location, and sends the phone owner an email with the person’s picture and the phone’s last known location.

Lookout App Tries To Help You Catch Your Phone Thief

While this app sounds like a great idea in theory, we may have to wait around a little while to see how effective it will end up being in the long run.

Lookout is available for both iOS and Android devices, though it does offer more functionality for Android as it monitors more suspicious behaviors than its Apple counterpart. It costs $29 a year in the Premium version of Lookout Mobile Security, or it is also available at a monthly cost of $2.99.

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SOURCE: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/lookout-app-uses-device-camera-to-take-thieftie-of-87272375914.html