Last week, Techbeat reported that a Youtube user/eccentric inventor by the name of Colin Furze had invented himself a pair of real, working Wolverine claws, effectively turning himself into the mutant minus the healing factor. Well, now he’s also turned himself into the master of magnetism, himself – Magneto. Well, kind of, anyway.

It seems Mr. Furze (how’s that for a mutant name?) is slightly obsessed with the Uncanny X-Men. While it’s understandable to want to be Magneto, of course, one doesn’t imagine that many people have actually attempted to undergo the transformation. But, Mr. Furze doesn’t seem like most people, and that’s definitely a good thing. Using a pair of Vans shoes and countless magnetic coils from old microwaves, he created himself a pair of working Magneto boots.

Man Turns Himself Into Magneto

Furze documents some of the process in a Youtube video – but by far the most important thing the video shows is that his shoes actually allow him to WALK ON HIS CEILING. That’s right – he figured out a way to create a strong enough magnetic current to support his entire body weight – and all this from parts of old microwaves in a scrap yard. You see, you just never know what you could find in a junkyard. And you never know what kind of a super-villian you could turn yourself into with old appliance parts.

In fact, if we ever hear of a “real” Magneto in the future, we may have to look no further than Mr. Furze. But something tells me he isn’t diabolical. At least not yet, anyway.

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Have a look for yourself at Furze’s video, and prepare to be amazed!

[Image via screenrant]