I’ve never used an online dating site before, so my experience with them is obviously next to none. I know what they’re there for though – to help people find their other halves. And while there are undoubtedly tons of horror stories, there are also quite a few success stories out there as well of those who claim to have found true love online. Most of the sites pretty much seem to work in the same way – you fill out a profile, enter some basic information about yourself, tell the program what kind of person you’re looking for, etc. It’s all pretty standard stuff. Then the program takes everything you’ve entered and does its best to match you with someone it thinks would be a great fit in your life.

Match.com is doing something pretty nifty, though – through a partnership with Three Day Rule, they are now offering to use facial recognition software to help users find potential matches who look just like their exes. While we all have different tastes in the looks department, there are apparently enough users out there who want someone who looks just like what they’re used to looking at. (If you’d rather forget your ex, than this is probably not the service you’re looking for).

Match.com Uses Facial Recognition To Find Who Looks Like Your Ex

How it works is pretty simple and straightforward – all users have to do is upload photos of their exe(s) and the program will do the rest. It will search everyone in its database (who meets your criteria) for individuals who have a facial likeness akin to that past person in your life.

While this sounds kind of fun to play around with, it’s definitely not cheap fun. It will cost users $5,000 per every 6 months, and will also require them to become a premium user of Match.com.

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SOURCE: Techspot