I recently purchased one of Google’s Chromecast devices and I must say, I think it’s great.  I used to use a thunderbolt connection to a HDMI input on my TV for connecting my MacBook Pro and for a while it did me proud. Then I wanted to go wireless and so it was crunch time; do I opt for Apple TV or Chromecast?  I decided to try Chromecast and really I have never looked back.  Apart from the masses of cables that are no longer strewn around my TV, the array of Chromecast apps that are available is great.   Now watching a movie on Netflix is as easy as turning on my TV and opening an app.  Like I said, it’s great!

Mozilla Cast?

There are of course other devices on the market that will be able to stream content to your TV; Roku, Apple TV etc, but I was interested to discover Mozilla are going to try theirhand at the market.  According to GigaOm, Mozilla could be working on a streaming device that is similar to Chromecast.  The device from Mozilla does not yet have a name or a release date. Rumours have arisen saying Mozilla will be open to developers looking to hack its capabilities.

The new streaming stick has supposedly been in development for a period of some time now. GigaOm has reported that developers will eventually be able to code apps for multiple platforms, including Amazon’s new Fire phone. It remains unclear how involved Mozilla is in the hardware development side of things, but in an official statement, a spokesperson for Moziila wrote: “Firefox OS is an open platform freely available for any company to build on top of without restriction. This means companies can experiment with different form factors that run Firefox OS.”

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[Image via mashable]

SOURCE: http://www.theverge.com/2014/6/21/5829254/mozilla-reportedly-developing-streaming-stick-to-compete-with