If you spent hardly any time swimming while you were growing up, you more than likely played several rounds of Marco Polo. You know the game, where one person closes their eyes, yells “Marco?”, and they try to find the other person who yells, “Polo!” wherever they are in the swimming pool. It’s a fun game, and can help pass away the hours throughout the heat of a long summer. The game kind of goes out of style when you reach adulthood (unless you have kids), but thanks to a new iOS app, it doesn’t have to. Now, before you think I’m advising you to take your iPhone into the pool with you, hear me out.

Marco Polo is a relatively new iOS app that helps you to find your phone if you’ve misplaced it around the house. All you have to do is yell out, “Marco?”, and it will respond with, “Polo!”, alerting you to its whereabouts. This app could really act as a lifesaver to those who are consistently prone to misplacing their phones throughout the day. (You know who you are).

Play Marco Polo With Your iPhone!


The Marco Polo app will run in the background, meaning that it doesn’t always have to be open in the forefront for you to use it. That’s a good thing since no one plans on misplacing their phone. Here’s a neat feature of this app – you can have it say pretty much whatever two-word phrase you want – it’s not limited solely to Marco Polo. I can see users having all kinds of fun with that.

If you’d like to try the Marco Polo app out for a spin, you can purchase it from the iTunes Store for $0.99. That’s not too bad of a price to have your phone yell at you to find it. It will also help you find your iPads and iPods as well.

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[Image via CultOfMac]

SOURCE: http://www.cnet.com/news/marco-polo-yell-to-find-your-lost-iphone-and-it-will-yell-back/