People have always been inventing things at a young age; Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel first conceived the Man of Steel whilst they were in high school.  Taylor Hernadez received a “Chester Award” for inventing the ‘Magic Sponge Blocks’ when she was not a even a teenager, and the list goes on.

Angelo Casimiro is 15 years old, but instead of creating a child’s toy, this young entrepreneur has just invented electricity-generating footwear.  The idea is quite simple really, as you walk, jog or run around your normal daily activities, your shoes will generate power that can then be used to charge up your mobile phone or any other small battery-powered device for that matter.

Electricity Generating Footwear

The clever footwear was Casimiro’s entry to Google’s Science Fair this year.  In his entry video Casimiro explains how the process works, “Electricity is generated using an insole generator that is made out of two pairs of piezoe-electric discs, which produce energy when the crystal bend inward.”  The generator is soldered to the battery of a power bank, which can then be used to plug in any device through a USB connection.

In some initial tests, Casimiro’s device was able to charge a phone for about 10 minutes of use after playing 2 hours of basketball.  So it’s a long way form becoming a viable solution to humans generating their own power supplies for everyday devices, but it is a good start on the way to solving this problem.  I say ‘hats off’ to the young man!

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[Image via dailydot]