WinPatrol is the perfect addition to your Antivirus protection software.  The software alerts you to malware attacks, critical changes and the possibility that your system has been hijacked. If there has been critical changes made to your computer without your permission, WinPatrol will alert you.  Because the software is a multipurpose support utility, it can replace multiple system utilities with its enhanced functionality.

WinPatrol has been a top software choice for many.  WinPatrol was the pioneer in using a heuristic behavioural approach to detecting attacks and violations of your computing environment.


Conventional security programs scan your hard drive by searching for previously identified threats. WinPatrol works differently by taking snapshots of your critical system resources and then alerts you to any changes that have occurred without your knowledge.

You’ll be removing dangerous new programs while others prepare to update their definition/signature data files.

The following changes have been made in this version of WinPatrol:

SQLite Database
– Pale Moon
– New Icons
– Safe Update Version Info
– Server Optimization

You can download from today.

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