I have said it before and no doubt I will continue to say it again.  Technology continues to move with such a pace that one day it may trip itself up!  That day has obviously yet to arrive as the rise of the machines has not yet occurred.  The use of technology is interwoven into almost all aspects of our lives these days, from waking up to your favourite track you set as your alarm clock on your smartphone, to reading the latest news being reported from around the world, on the web.  In fact you are probably reading this news on a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

Worlds Smallest Cardiac Implant

The smaller devices become that assist us in our daily lives, the more uses we seem to be able to get out of them, right?  That is certainly true for a 43-year old Taranaki woman named Susan Mundt.  Ms. Mundt is the first recipient in New Zealand to have the world’s smallest cardiac monitor implanted.

As a test subject for the procedure, Ms. Mundt claimed that she was a little bit nervous prior to the operation (as you would be).  Ms. Mundt needn’t have been worried as it happens, in fact, she probably didn’t have time to be worried to much as the entire procedure took a matter of minutes to complete. A few hours afterwards, Ms. Mundt claimed that she was feeling “completely normal”.

Cardiologist Dr Clyde Wade of Waikato Hospital, made use of the tiny Medtronic Reveal LINQ Implantable Cardiac Monitor, which can wirelessly diagnose possible dangerous irregular heartbeats across a few of procedures.

Like I said, the smaller tech becomes, the more useful it seems to be!  For cardiac patients at least, this new device looks as though it has great benefits for only a minimally invasive procedure.

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[Image via bkkommunikation]

SOURCE: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2014/06/worlds-smallest-cardiac-monitor-implant-successful/