With all the talk in the air (pun intended) about drones these days, I wonder if you’ve stopped to think about all of the possibilities they offer to the world. Yes, they can be used for weapons and military warfare, and yes, they can spy on people in the wrong hands, but have you ever thought about the amazing photos they can capture from above? I admit that I never thought about it until recently.

But National Geographic thought about it. They even sponsored a drone photography contest (who even knew such things existed?), and the pictures are nothing short of breathtaking, especially the one that took home top honors. Few of us will ever get close enough to an eagle to take a good photograph of it, but thankfully drones aren’t limited to the ground the way humans are.

The above shot of the eagle was captured in Bali Barat National Park in Indonesia.

Who knows – maybe in the future there will “drone photographers” in the Yellow Pages. If you’d like to view lots more amazing photographs taken by drones, please visit Dronestagram. I don’t think you’ll regret it, though you may spend more time than you’d like to once you get there.

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[Image via Dronestagram]