Pretty soon, Facebook will be known for all of the criminals it helps catch and not just friends and news feeds. When Facebook was first created years ago, who would’ve thought it would be used to capture criminals? And who would’ve thought that it would be the said criminals saying stupid things and/or posting the very pictures which lead to their arrests? Just within the past few months, I’ve read accounts of multiple criminals using Facebook and accidentally incriminating themselves. So it is my pleasure to bring you another story featuring “criminals who catch themselves”. You’re welcome.

A 27-year old-woman in Illinois was recently arrested thanks to a modeling picture she posted of herself on Facebook. She had allegedly stolen some items of clothing from a Morties store in West Frankfort, Il. This story is pretty interesting. The store manager claims he drove up to the store as the woman was running out with the stolen merchandise. While she obviously wasn’t caught as this time, he did use his own Facebook to post her description out to the masses.

Another Criminal Yet Again Gets Herself Caught On Facebook

Around the same time, the alleged thief began posting selfies of herself with the merchandise. One particular selfie on Facebook got several people’s attention, and they sent the information to the store manager of the Morties store. The police were ultimately able to find and arrest the woman thanks to the help of Facebook and the townspeople as well.

Don’t think she’ll be posting selfies in her prison jumpsuit. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

[Image via neogaf]