Boston Dynamics have now started trialing the LS3 Alpha Dog with the U.S. Marine Corps.  As with most technology that has been designed with warfare in mind, it is very scary to watch.  Just imagining the implications of this giant robotic dog being deployed on a large scale is a very worrying thought indeed?

Google acquired Boston Dynamics, the company behind the Alpha Dog, last year.  So does this mean that we could see giant robotic animals becoming part of everyday life in our future? Maybe, but at the moment the Boston Dynamics Dog is firmly in the hands of the military.

Alpha Dog

The AlphaDog is capable of locating and following a chip that is attached to a member of the military.  The  LS3 is a large robot, in fact it is big enough to packed with plethora of equipment, and according tests, the LS3 is perfectly capable of making its way through approximately 80% of the most difficult terrain that humans can manage.

As you can see from Boston Dynamics’ video, the LS3 has a fantastic sense of balance and it could be deployed quite easily.

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[Image via phys]