Have you ever wondered what was happening in your home while you were away? Do you ever wonder what your pets are really up to, or who’s eating all of the cookies, or even who tracked all of that mud into the entryway? (Maybe you secretly wonder if there’s any truth to all of those Toy Story movies). Whatever the case may be, security camera systems can be quite expensive and can also be kind of a pain to have installed. There’s usually a monthly fee as someone needs to monitor it and make sure everything’s working okay with it. There are more personal options, such as something like Dropcam, but those also require a small fee. Enter the Blink camera.

Blink is a wireless HD Wi-Fi camera that turns on once it starts detecting motion and records in little spurts. It’s a small camera that can be placed just about anywhere you’d like to monitor in your home – hallways, bedrooms, windows, etc. It’s currently in its Kickstarter phase, but has already met its goal with 37 days to go.

Blink Camera Watches Your Home When You Can't

Like all “smart” devices, the Blink camera syncs with the Blink app giving you complete control over the camera from wherever you are. Perhaps best of all, whenever the camera detects some kind of motion, you’ll get an alert from the app on your smartphone. And, if you’re the curious (and/or paranoid) type of person, you can always use the app to take a peek at what’s going on at home so you can put your mind at ease.

If you’re interested in the Blink camera at all, the makers claim you’ll eventually be able to purchase one for $49 – and here’s the best part – there’s no monthly cost associated with it at all.

[Image via MikeShouts]

SOURCE: TechCrunch