The HEXO+ drone from the California-based company Squadrone System has just six days left to run its Kickstarter campaign, yet there is no concern over reaching the funding target, as $1,110,891 has been raised (at the time of writing), smashing the original $50,000 goal.

What makes the HEXO+ stand out from all the other drones is the fact that it can controlled and configured via the use of a companion application that can be loaded onto a smartphone or tablet, while it autonomously follows you around, aerially filming the action it sees below. The really cool thing is that it is fully compatible with both the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition and the Hero3 White Edition action cameras and supports both iOS and Android devices.Hexo+

The makers of HEXO+ explain the reason why they felt there was a need for such a product: “We initially began thinking about HEXO+ because we needed a solution that would make aerial filming possible in the most remote places: on mountains, in the snow, and in all sorts of unpredictable situations that were quite a pain to deal with when trying to sync a drone pilot, a cameraman and a rider.

When we started toying with the idea, we realized that it had the potential to change the face of all kinds of aerial filming, making it dead simple. So we combined our expertise in action-sports movie-making, drone design and aeronautic software to create a drone capable of autonomously flying, filming and following, giving you access to amazing aerial shots with the bare minimum: a drone, a camera and an app on your smartphone.”


So if you are an action sport lover, a movie maker or just someone who loves creating interesting films, then head over to Kickstart and make your pledge. Unfortunately you’ll be too late for the Early Bird offer but you can still bag a HEXO+ for $799, complete with the GoPro Hero3 White Edition HD camera, a stabilising 2D gimbal and the app.

You can expect delivery to begin in May 2015.

[Images via Kickstarter]