I don’t know what you think of when you think of sporting events, but I think of several things – overpriced (and mediocre) food, lots of traffic, cramped seats, the sun in my eyes, obviously some kind of game going on down below, and, oh yeah – a ton of screaming fans for both of the teams playing. Regardless of how the last sentence sounds, I do actually enjoy attending sporting events, especially basketball and football games. I’ve recently been trying to get more into baseball, but I can’t claim myself a diehard fan just yet.

The Hanwha Eagles are a Korean baseball team, and they’ve been having some trouble in the standings lately. They have a dedicated fan base, but like all fans, not all of them are physically able to attend all of their favorite team’s games. What they did to compensate is pretty awesome. They decided to send in a troop of cheering robots to line the stands. The robots wear their team’s attire, and cheer (and boo) at all the appropriate times. The robot fans can even do the wave. And like all good robots, these ones can be controlled at home (or wherever) from over the internet.

Cheering Robots May Be In The Future Of Sports

I have absolutely no idea how much one of these robot fans cost, but they probably don’t come cheap – that obviously doesn’t stop fans from owning and sending them in to the games, though.

I’m trying to imagine a world where there are just as many robots at sporting events as there are actual people. Can you see the day when robots will outnumber human fans?

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[Image via BBC]