I’m sure you’ve noticed it as well when you’ve been out and about – people who are walking and using cell phones tend to pay no attention whatsoever to anything else going on around them. Oh, they pay attention to their phone and their conversation, but others around them? Forget about it. There have even been news reports about people being so connected to their phones that they even walk off of piers into water. And, when driving, it’s hard not to almost hit someone who’s talking on their phone and not paying attention to vehicles around them.

Folks in Washington, D.C. have it a little bit easier now, though – at least for a little bit that is. They have a brand new lane that is just for people who are using their cell phones. I’ll be honest, though – it’s not going to last forever. It’s a publicity stunt put on by National Geographic for a behavioral science show called Mind Over Masses. They just wanted to see what would happen if they created this lane in a popular place such as Washington D.C.


So, What Happened?

Well, not too much, apparently. The cell phone talkers only lane got a lot of bike traffic, though. Oh, it also got a lot of people taking out their phones and taking pictures in the lane.

What do you think? Do you think cell phone lanes should have to be created? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

[Image via NewsObserver]