On a recent holiday we took a trip to a water park and me being the big kid that I am, I insisted on going on the biggest, scariest water slide that the park had to offer. You have to ride with another person in a special, extra strong rubber inflatable, which was placed on a conveyor belt to launch you onto the slide. After an initial drop, you then fly back up, followed by another steep drop. It was scary to say the least but I failed, rather stupidly, to notice that I was still wearing my flip flops – needless to say I wasn’t wearing them at the end of the slide. This meant the ride had to be stopped while a poor park assistant retrieved my flip flops from the plunge pool that it at the bottom of the mammoth drop! I was so embarrassed, however I figured that I can’t be on my own in my water slide stupidity, so here is a collection of some epic water slide fails. Thankfully footage of my mishap is NOT included! Check out #4 and #9, they had me in stitches!

1. Keep to your own slide!

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