Self-driving cars offer unlimited potential for us as drivers. Just imagine for a second how the roads would look if all of the cars drove themselves to wherever they needed to get. Drivers could do other things, like prepare for their meetings, etc. instead of focusing all of their attention on the roads. Driving is such a burden, anyway. Why not do everything we can to free up our time? While there’s not an actual completely “self-driving” car at this moment in time, there have been all kinds of advancements in this area recently, such as lane assistance, rear-view cameras, cruise control assistance, etc. But the technology exists for there to be a completely self-driving car, and that’s pretty exciting.

But it’s not exciting for everyone, especially for some of those in law enforcement, namely the FBI. Reports have surfaced which show that the FBI has a few issues when it comes to self-driving cars. What’s their problem with them? It’s fairly simple: the cars can be used to commit crimes and hinder them.

The FBI Is Afraid Of Self-Driving Cars

While there are all kinds of possibilities for self-driving vehicles, there are also countless dangers besides their use by criminals. Think about this: what happens when a driver needs to take control of the vehicle and the system won’t let him or her? What happens when the system malfunctions and can’t be controlled.

As far as the FBI’s fears, though, they’re afraid for one thing that car chases with law enforcement will get a whole lot more complicated. If a person doesn’t have to drive the car, they can spend their time aiming and firing at the police, which is never a good scenario. Just think of all the ways self-driving vehicles could hinder law enforcement.

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SOURCE: Techspot