What do you get when you combine a smartphone with a frame that enables it to fly through the air? Why, you get a Flone, of course!

Who says you have to be a multi-millionaire to own your very own drone? Some inventors have figured out a way to turn your ordinary earthbound smartphone into a sky-worthy drone that is able to fly up to 20 meters in the air. Using a small wooden frame that uses batteries to power 4 propellers, the Flone is fully ready to make your smartphone more exciting than it’s ever been before. All you have to do is hook it up to the wooden apparatus, and then you’ll need to use another smartphone to control the Flone once it’s in flight. (So, yes, you need 2 smartphones to control 1 smartphone, but that seems like such a minor inconvenience considering everything the Flone lets you do).

The Flone: A Phone & Drone Combined

Just imagine the photographic possibilities you’d get while using the Flone. Want to get a rooftop shot without physically going up to the roof? No problem – just fly your phone up there and take a picture. Want to capture some overhead video of an event? No problem, just send your phone to the skies and hit “record”! (Of course you’d have to make sure what you’re recording is legal and all that good stuff).

Perhaps best of all the Flone was created on the cheap, and does not cost much at all to make.

Feel free to check out a video of the Flone in action below!

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[Image via wemakemoneynotart]

SOURCE: The Guardian