I’m sure you’ve been there at some point in time in your life – you really need to use your cell phone and no matter how high you hold your phone, you just can’t seem to get any kind of a signal. While that’s inconvenient, it can also be extremely dangerous, especially when you really need to get a hold of someone. And while there are more cell towers now than ever before, there are still places where it’s next to impossible to get a signal. While I may not be able to help you get a cell tower built near where you live or work, I can help point you toward a new gadget that promises to give you a bit of a signal wherever you may find yourself.

It’s called the GoTenna, and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like – an antenna for wherever you go. It’s a small wand weighing only about 2 ounces that can attach to a backpack or a belt. Using Bluetooth low energy, it connects to an app and lets a user send texts and/or GPS coordinates to another user.

GoTenna Gives You A Cell Signal Anywhere

The GoTenna has a pretty strong battery, too. If you never turn it on a charge will last for up to a year and a half, and it’ll last for up to 3 days with use. And while the GoTenna isn’t for folks who need a constant data connection for their phones, it seems ideal for people who like to get away from everyone else, but who ultimately don’t want to totally lose their connection to the outside world in the case of an emergency.

GoTenna is currently accepting preorders for their device, and if you act now you can get 2 for $149.

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[Image via Telegraph]

SOURCE: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/gotenna-makes-smartphones-into-walkie-talkies-sort-of-91994621824.html