It sure didn’t take very long before smartphones came into the world and started to dominate our lives. Even sitting here thinking now, I can’t think of very many people I know who don’t own a smartphone. I can still remember when the very first iPhone was released and can’t believe how much has changed in the (relatively) few years since then. But just how important our cell phones in our lives? Well, if a survey from Bank of America has anything to say about it, they’re pretty important – some would say they’re almost the most important thing in our lives – and that’s a little scary.

The above mentioned survey by Bank of America revealed that a whopping 47% of U.S. smartphone users said they couldn’t go a day without their beloved phone. Wow. One day? Come on U.S. – there’s a physical world outside of your digital one. That particular statistic may not be the most telling one, though, especially among the younger folks surveyed.

Could You Live Without Your Smartphone? Probably Not.


Are You Addicted To Your Smartphone?

When the survey asked those aged 18-24 how important their phones were to them, they said they were more important than their toothbrush and their deodorant. Seriously. When our technology becomes more important than our own hygiene, it sounds like there’s a problem somewhere down the line – especially when these results come from the youngest people surveyed. It makes one wonder what the results will be in 10 years. Maybe there’ll be a toothbrush and deodorant app then, who knows.

Do you know someone who can’t last a day without their phone? What do you think these results tell us about our society? Let us know your thoughts regarding this story in the comments section below.

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SOURCE: Techspot