Microsoft is making big news as of late, and it has nothing to do with Windows or any other Microsoft program. Rather, it turns out that the software giant is making headlines currently for some big and unfortunate job cuts. Just how many people are being laid off? Sadly, the total number will turn out to be approximately 18,000 positions.

In April of this year, Microsoft acquired part of Nokia and gained around 28,000 of their original employees. Now, with these job cuts, 12,500 of them will soon be laid off. The job cuts come as a result of Microsoft distancing themselves from Nokia phones to focus more on Windows phones, Windows OS, and their new “X” phones which are forthcoming.

Microsoft Slashes 18,000 Jobs


While Microsoft has been around for a long time and has undoubtedly had to do some job cuts before, this is by far the largest force reduction in the company’s history. Obviously, it remains to be seen how these job cuts will ultimately affect Microsoft in the long run. They seem to be banking a lot on their up and coming “X” phone and Windows phones.

What do you think? Are you eagerly anticipating their new “X” phone which will supposedly compete with Android phones? Do you like the Windows mobile operating system? Do you think they’ll ever overtake iPhones and/or Android phones? Let us know your thoughts regarding this story in the comments section below.

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