What’s your ideal job? What would you love to do day after day after day? I can think of all kinds of things I’d like to not do all day – and I’m sure you can as well! If you live in the UK, though, Netflix is looking to hire a person to do what sounds like is a pretty ideal job – they want you to sit on your couch and watch Netflix all day long. That’s right – Netflix wants to pay you to watch movies and TV shows from 9 to 5 (or whatever hours they turn out to be). I’ve heard of jobs that sounded perfect for me in the past, but I’ve never heard of anything that sounded this good. It really is too bad I don’t live anywhere near the UK.

So, why do they want you to sit around watching Netflix all day long? It’s pretty simple, really – they want you to “tag” all of their digital offerings. If you’ve watched Netflix for any amount of time at all, you know there are all kinds of recommendations for you to watch. Those recommendations are there because someone tagged certain descriptions (drama, comedy, and 1,000 other choices, etc.) about the programs.

Netflix Will Pay You To Stay Home & Watch Netflix

Talk About A Laid Back Job!

Netflix doesn’t just want to hire any old lazy person who wants to sit on their couch all day. They want genuine movie buffs, and degrees in related fields will also help. They’ll be responsible for watching programs that Netflix will stream in the future.

Surprisingly, they’ve got taggers around the world, but they have none located in the UK as of right now. I’ll admit – I never gave any thought as to how Netflix recommended everything to me – have you?

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SOURCE: Forbes