Philips and Nest are currently exploring the technical possibilities of integrating the hue smart bulbs as a potential part of the “Works with Nest” program.  As of this time, however, there is no formal agreement between the two firms.  A Phillips spokesperson said, “We are working with Nest to investigate what new features we could bring to our users through the combination of the hue developer programs and Nest developer program.”

There are several Nest IFTTT amalgams, which link the thermostat and the Nest Protect smoke alarm system with the smart bulbs. For instance, you can use the bridging service to turn on the lights automatically if smoke has been detected, or to change their colour to red if carbon monoxide is found to be prevalent.


Hue system architect George Yianni says that a possibility which Philips has been investigating, is how light colour and tone could affect perception of temperature and could even lead to savings in HVAC costs.

Apparently the colour temperature of lighting could affect how people actually perceive the correct temperature of a room, and thereby delay the requirement to either turn up the heat or blast the air conditioning.  Currently the integration isn’t possible with IFTTT.  This could however change in the future, ‘if’ the SDK of both Nest and Hue improve on communication integration.

Back in June, Google announced the Nest Developer Program, with an initial list of both home automation and wearable firms already signed up to the program. Interestingly though, Hue was absent at that time, although rival smart bulb firm LIFX was onboard, as was Whirlpool; their idea was to turn washers and dryers into different efficiency modes depending on the home’s occupancy.

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[Image via thisnestisblessed]