I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve used my fair share of emojis, especially when I first entered the smartphone world. I’ve used countless smiley faces, frowny faces, tongue-sticking-out faces, you get the picture. While I don’t use all that many of them anymore (I’ve just gotten lazy and don’t want to search for them), I can still easily see their appeal with the masses. They may be about to get more popular than ever, though, especially for those of us who use iPhones. Why? Because special Seinfeld emojis are now available in the Apple App Store.

If you love Seinfeld and you love to use emojis, your world may now be complete!

Seinfeld Emojis Are Now Available For iPhones!

Unfortunately, for the time being, the Seinfeld emojis won’t replace your normal iOS keyboard – but all of this will fix itself once iOS 8 is released sometime in the fall. You can use them in Facebook and Twitter messages, or you can save them to the camera roll on your phone.

All in all, there are 42 Seinfeld inspired emoji icons for you to use and look at to your heart’s content. And while you can’t use them everywhere just yet, you can gaze at them and laugh as you remember some of the funniest moments from the classic sitcom.

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Seinfeld Emojis Are Now Available For iPhones!

[Images via USAToday & Parade]