Even if you were never of huge fan of Star Trek while it was on TV, you’d probably admit to at least thinking some of the technology featured on the show was pretty neat. For instance – having a tricorder around could really come in handy sometimes. And, who wouldn’t want to just “beam” somewhere else sometime? But, more than anything else, the phaser is what always captured my attention the most while watching Star TrekThere was just something about it that always made me want to own one. (The closest I got when I was a kid was a Transformers-like phaser that opened up to reveal part of the Enterprise). It didn’t make noise or anything, so all in all it wasn’t too exciting.

Thankfully, there’s about to be a new phaser available within the coming months. And while it won’t help you take over any Borg or Klingon ships, it’ll will help you command your television, which is almost the same.

This Star Trek Phaser Remote Is For The Trekkie Us All

Apart from being a phaser, this is a pretty unique remote – there aren’t any buttons on it! You get to make up 36 different personalized gestures to control everything on your TV from the power to the volume. And, best of all, the Star Trek phaser remote vibrates and makes all the correct noises from the show. It looks so authentic you may not even want to use it as a remote – you may just want to display it for all of your guests to see!

The phaser should be available sometime in November, but it will cost around $150, which admittedly is a little steep for a remote – but for a phaser remote? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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SOURCE: Gizmodo