In case you weren’t aware – selfies can be dangerous! You never know what could happen when you decide to take just. one. more. selfie of yourself to upload to your favorite social media sites for all your friends and family to see. Just think about it – there are all kinds of things that could go wrong with the selfie: you could drop the phone in the midst of getting the perfect pose, your makeup could smear, you could run into someone while you’re looking at your face on the screen, you could notice someone scary trying to photobomb your picture, you could run out of memory on your phone due to too many selfies – the possibilities are near endless! Oh, I forgot to add that you might be attacked by a wild animal while you’re pressing the “take picture” button.

The latter is something Brian Genest knows about all too well. The 17-year old recently took a college scouting trip to Florida, and while he was walking through John Chestnut Park he noticed a nice squirrel and thought it would be a a perfect time to take a selfie with it. (Does that make the picture a “squirrlie”?) But I guess the squirrel wasn’t in a picture-taking mood, or was just incredibly camera shy.

Teen Gets Attacked By Squirrel While Taking Selfie

While he took the photo, the squirrel became just a little spooked and decided to jump on the back of the teenager. It then climbed underneath his shirt and didn’t want to let go. Here’s the funniest part – while all of this was happening, his mother decided to take photos of the whole ordeal which were then posted all over social media.

Luckily, both Genest and the squirrel made it out unscathed. I bet he’s going to think twice before taking another selfie with an animal.

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[Image via FunnyAnimalz]