There’s a new presentation at Los Angeles’s Hollywood Bowl as of late, and it’s not happening on the famed stage. In fact, it’s happening about as far away from the stage as a person can get – the bathroom. Don’t freak out when I say there’s a new popular presentation in the bathroom, because it only has a little to do with the actual people in there – it has much more to do with the actual furnishings of the bathroom, namely, the stall doors.

You’re probably wondering, “What’s so great about a stall door?” Let me explain it to you this way. I’m sure you’ve been there at some point in your life, when you’ve really had to go to the bathroom when you’re out in public and you couldn’t find an open stall no matter how hard you tried. You did everything short of sticking your head under the stall door to see if it was empty or not. (There are, after all, certain parameters you should follow when checking to see if a bathroom stall is occupied). An invention like Tooshlights could’ve really helped you out in that situation. What Tooshlights does is relatively simple – using red and green lights above the stall doors, it shows you which stalls are empty and which are being used.

Tooshlights Cut Down On Public Bathroom Wait

Red Light…Green Light…

The creators of Tooshlights claim that the simple lights on the stall doors can effectively cut down your bathroom wait time by up to 50 percent. Hey, cutting out half the time when you’ve gotta go sounds pretty good. Something that’s so simple seems so profound when you stop and think about it. Who would’ve thought we’d ever see traffic lights in the bathroom? (Let’s hope they don’t incorporate a yellow light).

Tooshlights hopes to be in a whole lot more bathrooms in the coming years, and that’s not a wish too many of us have.

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SOURCE: Forbes