If you thought getting on an international flight was hectic before, security is about to get a little bit tighter, at least on flights that are heading into the United States. In fact the TSA has revealed that airports in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe are now putting a new requirement on passengers who brings electronics onto the plane with them: the devices all have to be charged.

If you’re anything like me, you use your device for all it’s worth while you’re waiting for your flight – regardless of whether it’s plugged in or not. And unfortunately, sometimes the device dies before I even board the plane. Now, that’s not going to fly anymore. (Pun intended). The TSA now state that personal electronics that are not able to be powered up (phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) will not be allowed to go onto the plane. (If a person does have one of these items that won’t turn on, they may also face a stricter security experience).

TSA Requires Devices To Be Charged Before Flying To U.S.

This new protocol is due to an increased threat of using this kind of technology to set off bombs while in the air.

So if you’re going to be flying into the United States from any of the above-mentioned locations in the future, please make sure you always remember to have your device charged (at least a little bit) before you go through the security line, or chances are it’ll miss the flight. (And you might as well, but let’s just hope it stops with the device).

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SOURCE: Techspot