Have you ever played the massively popular game Candy Crush? Who am I kidding, of course you have. Maybe a better question would’ve been “Who hasn’t played Candy Crush at some point in their lives?” I downloaded it for the first time last year, and let me tell you – it didn’t take me too long to feel a little addicted to the tetris-like game. I found myself playing it for multiple hours on some days, and it was only a couple of months later I realized I needed to delete the game from my phone before those little pieces of candy crushed my life out from under me.

While my “addiction” probably only hurt me in the long run in that I wasted several hours when I could’ve been doing something productive, some people’s Candy Crush stories don’t have such a peaceful and happy ending. Take a 45-year-old woman from England, for instance. She became so addicted to Candy Crush and other games that she resorted to embezzling money to feed her gaming habit(s).

Woman Steals From Sick Mom To Feed Candy Crush Addiction

This particular woman, who served as the caretaker for her sick mother and was in change of her finances, spent almost $2,000 of her mother’s money over a period of 2 years to take care of her gaming habit. She spent it on extra lives in Candy Crush, and who knows what else she used it for with the other games.

Her mother found out about her daughter’s little spending problem when she noticed a large amount of money was missing from her account, and the daughter was eventually sent to prison on a fraud charge. Her sentence included 12-weeks in prison and a curfew at night, but I didn’t see anything about having to also abstain from Candy Crush or other types of addictive games. (Perhaps that might’ve been a better punishment, but admittedly I’m no legal expert).

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[Image via News.Com.Au]