We are all worried to some degree about how secure our data is and there are many security programs that are available on the market. But for simplicity and ease of use, AntiLogger is both a very powerful and efficient app, which can block various attempts by hackers to access your PC.  The application is very lightweight yet robust; it can detect any attempts to modify your computer’s settings and place malicious code inside your system.

AntiLogger: Robust Protection From Unauthorised Access.

AntiLogger: Robust Protection From Unauthorised Access.


System Intrusion Protection: The AntiLogger’s System Defense module can secure your PC by detecting malicious attempts to access your system, based solely upon their behaviour, regardless of whether or not the malware has been previously identified or isolated.

Keystroke Logging Protection: The AntiLogger app will prompt you when someone else is trying to access to your keyboard without your prior knowledge.

Financial Malware Protection: Hackers use sophisticated techniques, which are designed to steal your data directly from your PC. The AntiLogger app is one of a small number of products available that is able to intercept and shut down suspicious processes before they can access your details.

Webcam and Microphone Hijacking Protection: AntiLogger will constantly monitor all processes, which try to access your computer. The app will prompt you when an illegal application is trying to switch on your webcam or microphone.

Cloud Powered Early Response System: IntelliGuard is a smart early warning and response system. The software makes AntiLogger easy to use and reliable, by working in real time you will not receive any prompts regarding legitimate programs you are installing on your computer.

Clipboard Remote Access Protection: When you copy something, it remains stored in your computer’s clipboard. AntiLogger protects your clipboard from being hacked and keeps it safe from intruders.

You can download AntiLogger from FileHippo.com today.

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